Eli Molaug Odland Percussion

Eli Molaug Odland originates from Sandnes, and now lives in Oslo. She holds a master´s degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, and also studied at the Music Conservatoire in Tromsø. She has won several prizes, such as Sandnes Sparebanks Musikkpris and the "G9alt" scholarship.

Eli plays in a variety of genres and ensembles, such as; a Cabaret duet with a singer; a trombone and vibraphone duet, and the contemporary percussion duo “en er 1”. "en er 1" has premiered several new pieces, and performed in settings such as the Scandinavian Percussion Days in Oslo, and together with the artist Sigvart Dagsland on the Norwegian Artist Gala on TV. Eli is also a very popular and sought-after percussion teacher.


Photo by Urszula Tarasiewicz.